Dana Drahos

Podcast Producer, Host, Editor & Launch Strategist

I help entrepreneurs and creatives turn their podcast idea into a reality and save hours of time through strategic consulting and done for you production services.

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let's work together!

I would love to help you turn your podcast idea into a reality and save you loads of freakin time in the process. Please email me at [email protected] if you'd like to schedule a free discovery call, and click the link below to view my services and portfolio more in depth.

hey there! I'm dana

I'm a Podcast Producer, Host, Editor, and Launch Strategist.

I first fell in love with podcasting through my own podcast that I did as a passion project.

While I was living in Vietnam, I was meeting so many amazing inspiring people. I loved asking them questions and getting to know their story so...naturally I decided to go outside my comfort zone and start a podcast!

Through all the trials and tribulations of spending 6 hours editing an episode only to accidentally delete it, to forgetting to even hit record, to getting past all my limiting beliefs of "what if people hate my voice" and "who am I to start a podcast"...I finally created something pretty freakin awesome.

I know how good it feels to get that message from a listener saying they gained something from the episode, and I want to help YOU get more messages like that!

I know how much damn work it takes to produce a podcast while, by the way, running your actual business...so I'm here to help you bring clarity to the podcast launch process and save LOADS of your time, so you can get back to doing what you do best!

creators in saigon podcast

This podcast is my passion project! Living in Saigon, I meet so many interesting people with powerful stories to share.

Myself and my co-hosts highlight Vietnamese locals and foreigners and have deep, intimate conversations about life, relationships, entrepreneurship, mental health, and more.